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Caldwell Fine Arts continue to be one of Melbourne’s most respected and longest established Antique families continuing for over a Century.
The Caldwell’s were early settlers in Australia farming in the region of Ballarat throughout the “Gold rush era” from 1855. Tom Caldwell then supplied remounts to India in the 1890′s going on to be a pioneer in the trade and one of the most renowned astute Antique dealers you could meet establishing Caldwell’s Antiques first shop located in St Kilda, Victoria in the late 1920′s. Tom continued to be one of Melbourne’s most astute Antique Dealers & gentlemanly figures of the era.
From the 1950’s onwards Toms three keen son’s Ron, Wally and John Caldwell regularly travelled to the United Kingdom & France importing top quality Antiques never previously available in this country which expanded Caldwell’s Antiques rapidly as Australia’s specialists in the business dealing in a plethora of 19th & 20th Century top class decorative French & English Antiquities of which many of these items, still circulate the trade today. Regularly John will say, “I remember buying that in Paris 40 years ago”.
Caldwell Fine Arts deal in all Antiques including all of the following eras and more in the style of:
Louis X1V
Louis XV
Louis XV1
Louis Philippe
Napoleon III
Art Nouveau
Art Deco’
Royal Worcester
George Owen amongst other fine porcelain
Collectable Glass
Australian and European paintings
Boasting over 5 generations the Caldwell family continue to be one of Australia’s oldest established Antique Dealers with Wally and John Caldwell, Philip, Peter, Steven & Stewart Caldwell all experts in their field travelling and trading throughout the world with shop’s, warehouses and regular 1st class Auctions, Caldwell Fine Arts’ are literally “In the know”.
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